You want to design your individual SkyRide for your own personal spot? You want to promote your city, touristic attraction, company or institute in a completely new way?

We create an individual SkyRide for your selected destination, with short production and evaluation times, starting from one month. We fly over your hotspots and create an entire immersive VR experience with VR vehicle and a corresponding story and speaker. We provide a package-based pricing structure beginning at 20.000€, for the basic package.

Fill out the non-binding booking request and compose the SkyRide360 to your individual needs - all in one.

  • Choose the hotspots to fly over or through. 
  • Select the desired vehicles or propose an individual flight object. 
  • Select our avatars or let us create new ones according to your wishes.
  • We take care of all permissions and production steps. 
  • After submitting the booking request, we will get in touch with you. 

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