SkyTrip360 Hamburg - Spherie the VR drone

Erlebe Hamburg, wie du es noch nie gesehen hast.
In SkyTrip Hamburg fliegen wir von der Speicherstadt und Hafencity über die Elbe Richtung Altona, am Michel vorbei bis zur Innen- und Außenalster.
Schaue dich in alle Richtungen um, rechts links oben unten, überall gibt es was zu entdecken. Schwenke einfach dein Handy oder wische mit deinem Finger über den Handybildschirm.

Leitz-Park - Shot by Spherie

Spherie is happy to share an ultra smooth flight through the Leitz-Park. More than 150 years of iconic Leica Camera history and technology. The new Spherie-Prototype is showing-off its overcapture-skills.

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The 360° VR Challenge for the whole family


The VR Drone Spherie sends you on a virtual SkyTrip over Hamburg. You can create your own flying object out of a cardboard box and win a trip for the whole family to the Virtual Reality Head Quarters in Hamburg's Speicherstadt. Let your creativity run wild and experience the most beautiful city in the world from dizzying heights from the comfort of your own home! #flyathome #dreamnowtravellater #hamburgahoi

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Introducing SkyTrip360

Welcome on board!
SkyRide welcomes all passengers to an exhilarating virtual flight above the most iconic places of the world.

the future of travel

SkyTrip360 is the virtual travel platform of the future. Within seconds, it transports the user to any kind of environment. With the perfect combination of real 360 video environments, and interactive virtual reality, we offer the most immersive form of travel. Choose your favorite destination, select your desired vehicle, configure your personal avatar and enjoy your panoramic flight.


Created as a multi-user experience for up to 6 players, Skyride lets you interact with and enjoy your favorite places together simultaneously. The virtual vehicle works as a reference point so the brain can more easily process the moving content, preventing motion sickness.


SkyTrip360 is designed for tourism boards, cities and companies, as a platform to present the desired location in a completely new way of storytelling. For every location, whether inside or outside, real or imaginary.


SkyTrip360 is accessible on the newest generation of VR headsets, both on standalone/wireless systems, or stationary/wired systems. Are you considering creating a unique SkyTrip for your destination? We can distribute your virtual destination via our channels on the Oculus Store. Your SkyTrip can be stationarily operated for your fair, conference or any other marketing appearance, with or without the corresponding real-world flight vehicle. Our network of partners make your destination easily accessible to your target audience.

Make it your own

SkyTrip is infinitely personalizable. Do you want your own SkyRide above your tourist attraction, city or hotspot? Do you want to represent your company facilities with a flyover or flythrough? 

We create your personal SkyTrip, according to your wishes, in Europe or in the rest of the world. We fly above your city, with its most iconic touristic hotspots. We fly above your manufacturing plant, through your production hall or factory. We offer never before seen perspectives, whether indoor or outdoor, through an immersive VR experience. All-in-one solutions, with all phases of conception, production, post-production and VR integration can be found through our packet-based pricing model. 

Configure your own personal SkyTrip via our noncommittal booking form.